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This Week at EIA - 04/07/2011


Weekly Retail Gasoline Prices (4/4/2011)
Presents average retail gasoline prices at the national and regional levels, and for selected cities and States, based on an EIA survey conducted each Monday of approximately 900 retail outlets.

Weekly Highway Diesel Prices (4/4/2011)
Contains a 53-week history of weekly retail on-highway diesel fuel prices for the U.S., 8 regions, and the State of California.

The Coal News and Markets Report for week ended 4/1/2011 (4/4/2011)
Contains information for the week and spot prices:

This Week in Petroleum (4/6/2011)
Provides analysis, data, and charts of the latest weekly petroleum supply and price data.

Weekly Petroleum Status Report, Data for Week Ending 4/1/2011 (4/6/2011)
Contains timely information on supply and selected prices of crude oil and principal petroleum products in the context of historical data and forecasts.

Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report (4/7/2011)
Contains weekly estimates of natural gas in underground storage for the United States and three regions of the United States.

Natural Gas Weekly Update (4/7/2011)
Contains weekly updates of natural gas market prices, latest storage level estimates, recent lower 48 NOAA weather data, and other market activity or events.

Coal Production for Week Ended 4/2/2011 (4/7/2011)
Contains an overview of U.S. weekly coal production.

OTHER RELEASES THIS WEEK: Wholesale Market Data (04/07/2011)
This site contains spreadsheets with wholesale electricity price data from ICE (IntercontinentalExchange) through April 1, 2011 (latest website update: April 7, 2011). The files contain peak prices, volumes, and the number of transactions at six electricity trading hubs covering most regions of the United States.

World Shale Gas Resources: An Initial Assessment of 14 Regions Outside the United States (04/05/2011)
Initial assessments of 48 shale gas basins in 32 countries suggest that shale gas resources, which have recently provided a major boost to U.S. natural gas production, are also available in other world regions. The EIA-sponsored study reported initial assessments of 5,760 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of technically recoverable shale gas resources in 32 foreign countries, compared with 862 Tcf in the United States.

Petroleum Marketing Monthly (04/01/2011)
The price data for petroleum products in this issue have been converted from cents per gallon to dollars per gallon. Aggregate prices for crude oil and finished products continued to rise in January, though at a slower pace than seen at the end of 2010. This is the fourth month in a row where prices for gasoline and diesel fuel saw increases in all categories of sale. Refiner sales of gasoline and diesel fuel declined in January following December's increases.

Trends in Renewable Energy Consumption and Electricity 2009 (03/31/2011)
Despite an economic recession and a significant fall in overall energy demand/consumption, the use of renewable fuels grew strongly in 2009. This growth has been supported by Federal and State programs, including federal tax credits, state renewable portfolio standards, and a federal renewable fuels standard. This chapter details renewable energy consumption in 2009 after explaining the unusual decrease in total energy consumption over the past two years.

Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the U. S. (03/31/2011)
Total U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions were 6,576 million metric tons carbon diioxide equivalent (MMTCO2e) in 2009, a decrease of 5.8 percent from the 2008 level. Since 1990, GHG emissions have grown at an average annual rate of 0.4 percent.his report provides an annual inventory of anthropogenic (human-caused) greenhouse gases in the United States.

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