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Senate Passes Sen. Dyson’s SJR 2 – Supporting the Governor’s Fight to Protect Alaska From Federal Incursion in Management of the State’s Natural Resources


(Juneau) – The Alaska State Senate today unanimously passed a resolution expressing the Legislature’s support for the efforts of Gov. Sean Parnell to protect the state from federal incursion and to manage the state’s resources. The resolution, SJR 2, sponsored by Sen. Fred Dyson, R-Eagle River, also urges Congress and the President to limit federal overreach into the management of the state’s resources.

“I am pleased that the full Senate has affirmed its support for the Governor to continue to stand up for Alaska’s sovereign rights,” Dyson said. “At statehood, the debate over how Alaska would support itself focused on stewardship of the state’s natural resources, and the state being able to develop those resources. The success of this fundamental is borne out in the management of our fisheries, for example, if you consider we have substantially higher returns of salmon now than we had when the federal government managed the fisheries before statehood.

“Unfortunately, we find ourselves in an unprecedented dangerous time, when national environmental groups and their allies within federal bureaucracies are making every effort to finally lock up as much of Alaska’s land and resources as they can. The recent order by the Secretary of the Interior creating a new category of ‘wild land’ for the BLM is a clear case in point.

“In these critical times, it is imperative that we have a Governor and attorney general who are proactive in standing up to these federal efforts, and it is equally necessary that we the people, speaking through our elected representatives in the Legislature, affirm our strong support for the Governor and AG. For the Senate showing that support, I am grateful.”

SJR 2 will now be sent to the House of Representatives for its consideration.

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