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Sen. Giessel Introduces Bill to Name May 10 Each Year as Alaska Mining Day


(Juneau) Sen. Cathy Giessel, R-Anchorage, today introduced legislation to name May 10 each year as “Alaska Mining Day.”

“I believe it is important for us to recognize and salute mining in Alaska, as an industry that had such an important role in helping to settle our state,” Giessel said. “The rugged individual prospectors, followed by entrepreneurs willing to put up the capital needed to develop the mines, followed by railroad builders, tradesmen, businessmen and women, and others who make a community, all built a solid foundation for much of Alaska.

“We are blessed to be directly connected to those early mining pioneers, with a vibrant mining sector that continues to this day. In recognizing past and present contributions on one spring day each year, we can draw attention to an industry that provides thousands of high-paying jobs, that produces a solid, tangible product needed in industrial applications worldwide, and it is all accomplished with an acute awareness of the beautiful environment around us.”

Giessel’s bill, SB 123, suggests mining should be commemorated with educational and celebratory events and activities aimed at increasing the public’s awareness and appreciation for Alaska’s miners and the mining industry. SB 123 was referred to the Resources Committee.



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