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Monthly Energy Review, April 2011 Release Changes


April 29, 2011

Beginning with the April 2011 Monthly Energy Review, the fossil-fuels heat rate is used as the thermal conversion factor for geothermal electricity net generation in order to treat geothermal electricity net generation similarly to electricity net generation from other non-combustible renewable energy sources - hydroelectric power, wind, photovoltaic, and solar thermal energy.  The technology-based geothermal heat rates are no longer used in Btu calculations in this report. 

This change affects data series in Primary Energy Production by Source (Table 1.2),

Primary Energy Consumption by Source (Table 1.3),

Energy Consumption per Dollar of Gross Domestic Product (Table 1.7),

Electric Power Energy Consumption (Table 2.6),

Renewable Energy Production and Consumption by Source (Table 10.1), and

Renewable Energy Consumption: Electric Power Sector (Table 10.2c) .

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