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Legislative News From Alaska Oil and Gas Association


HB 110 Passes State House!

HB 110, the Governor’s bill which would create more jobs, more investment and more production passed the Alaska State House of Representatives by a vote of 22-16. Please take a minute to thank those that voted in support of the bill. There were several champions for this bill in the House, including Rep. Fairclough, Rep. Stoltze, Rep. Hawker, Rep. Feige, Rep. Tammie Wilson, Rep. Cathy Munoz, Rep. Johnson and Speaker Chenault.

Eye on the Senate

Now the focus shifts to the Senate, where SB 49 (companion bill) sits in Senate Resources, and will then go to Senate Finance. Many Senators feel the bill needs more study, but as Governor Parnell stated a recent rally, “We need to send a clear message to the Legislature – the time to reduce oil taxes is NOW!” So, contact the members of the Senate Resources & Finance Committees TODAY and convey your strong desire to reform taxes THIS session. It can be done.

Stay Informed

With only 16 days left of the regular session, action on HB 110/SB 49 will move very quickly. Please make sure you stay on top of the latest action by signing up for our notifications.

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