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House Majority E-News for April 27, 2011 ANS Crude: $124.31 Henry Hub: $4.35


House Stands Ready for Work, Awaits Bills from Senate
(Juneau) - House Majority Caucus leadership held a "Special Session:
Day 10" press availability this morning to refocus the public eye on
the issues that the caucus feels have led to the impasse before the
Legislature and governor.

"The public needs to know that we're here and ready to work. The
issue in the stalemate isn't oil taxes, because that bill, HB 110,
isn't on the special session call," House Speaker Mike Chenault,
R-Nikiski, said. "We're here today because the House said we do not
agree with the conduct or process being undertaken by the Senate. We
are not a unicameral legislature and we will not bend; the Senate is
not fulfilling their end of the legislative process in passing a
capital budget bill to the House so we can do our due diligence and
conduct our own public review." Chenault says the regular process if
both sides fail to agree to a bill is through a conference committee.

House leadership reiterated that the House has already taken care of
five of the ten items on Governor Sean Parnell's special session
proclamation, passing those items in the first three days of the
session. "We're now waiting for the Senate to budge on important
issues like Coastal Zone Management and the Capital Budget," House
Majority Leader Alan Austerman, R-Kodiak, said. "I have never seen a
process unfold like this during my time in the legislature and we have
not accepted the Senate's proposals that would, in effect, have the
House cede control over our process."

The House has met for floor sessions nine out of 10 special session
days, and the House Finance Committee has noticed hearings on the
Capital Budget each day. The House cannot fulfill the remaining items
listed on Governor Sean Parnell's special session call because they
remain in the Senate Finance Committee. Those items include the
extension to the Alaska Coastal Management Program (HB 106,) Alaska
Performance Scholarships (HB 104,) and the Operating and Capital

The full text, audio, and video of this release can be found below:

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