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Crime Bill Updates Computer Hacking Protections


Common hacking method, keystroke logging, made illegal

JUNEAU -  Tonight, the Alaska Legislature made keystroke logging, a common computer hacking method, illegal when it passed its version of Governor Sean Parnell’s omnibus legislation to update Alaska’s criminal statutes.

“Right now, using software or spyware to obtain someone’s personal information is illegal, so criminals are using keystroke loggers more and more,” said Representative Pete Petersen (D-Anchorage) who introduced a bill (HB 23) earlier this year to outlaw keystroke logging.  “It’s important that our laws keep up with technology because no matter how information is stolen from a computer, the victims’ privacy is just as violated.”

The provision from Rep. Petersen’s bill was added to the governor’s bill (HB 127) in the Senate. It makes it illegal for someone to install a keystroke logger or  to use wireless means to record keystrokes on a computer he or she has no right to access.



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