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Contact Info for Alaska State Senate: HB110 Decreases Taxes on Oil Industry, Increases Production - Senate Has 10 Days to Approve Legislation


Act NOW! Time is running out!

ConocoPhillips President & CEO Commits to Alaska
At a breakfast this morning in Anchorage, Jim Mulva, President & CEO of ConocoPhillips, announced that the company would "commit billions of dollars in Alaska with [an] improved business climate."    Mr. Mulva spoke specifically of how ConocoPhillips wants to work with Alaskans to help achieve Governor Parnell's goal of reaching one million barrels of oil production per day within the next ten years.  He pledged that changes being discussed in Juneau now would lead to new investment in satellite fields and other potential multi-billion dollar investments to increase drilling, production, and ultimately jobs for Alaskans.

Governor Knowles Urges Change
Former Alaska Governor, Tony Knowles, introduced Mr. Mulva during the breakfast. He agrees with Governor Parnell and stated, "There's no time to lose." He went onto say, ".business as usual is not acceptable. Without change the pipeline is going to be running empty."   Governor Knowles talked of how during his Administration and faced with low oil prices, Republicans and Democrats, Senators and Representatives, joined forces to encourage new investment in Alaska's oil patch. 

Videos of the presentations are posted on the Resource Development Council's website at:


10 Days and Counting ... Contact Senators TODAY!
Meanwhile, there are only 10 days left in the legislative session. Legislators in the House stood up for Alaska's future and passed Governor Parnell's bill (HB110) to decrease taxes on the oil industry and increase production in the TAPS line.  The Senate must also act in the next 10 days by passing HB110 to ensure Alaska remains competitive for new investment. Please contact your Senator (and cc the other 19) today and encourage them to pass HB110 this session.  Alaska's future depends on it! 

HB 110 will be in Senate Labor & Commerce tomorrow, Friday, April 8 at 2:00 p.m. and SB 49 will be in Senate Resources on Friday, April 8 at 3:30 p.m. Follow the hearings online at www.gavelalaska.org or alaskalegislature.tv.

Sen.John.Coghill@legis.state.ak.us 800-465-3719
Sen.Bettye.Davis@legis.state.ak.us 800-770-3822
Sen.Fred.Dyson@legis.state.ak.us 800-342-2199
Sen.Dennis.Egan@legis.state.ak.us 907-465-4947
Sen.Johnny.Ellis@legis.state.ak.us 888-330-3704
Sen.Hollis.French@legis.state.ak.us 866-465-3892
Sen.Cathy.Giessel@legis.state.ak.us 800-892-4843
Sen.Lyman.Hoffman@legis.state.ak.us 866-465-4453
Sen.Charlie.Huggins@legis.state.ak.us 800-862-3878
Sen.Albert.Kookesh@legis.state.ak.us 888-288-3473
Sen.Lesil.McGuire@legis.state.ak.us 800-365-2995
Sen.Linda.Menard@legis.state.ak.us 877-465-6601
Sen.Kevin.Meyer@legis.state.ak.us 866-465-4945
Sen.Donny.Olson@legis.state.ak.us 800-597-3707
Sen.Joe.Paskvan@legis.state.ak.us 877-665-3709
Sen.Bert.Stedman@legis.state.ak.us 877-463-3873
Sen.Gary.Stevens@legis.state.ak.us 800-821-4925
Sen.Joe.Thomas@legis.state.ak.us 800-336-7383
Sen.Tom.Wagoner@legis.state.ak.us 800-964-5733
Sen.Bill.Wielechowski@legis.state.ak.us 800-550-2435

If you do not know who your senator is, please visit Prosperity Alaska's website:


You can also send emails to all Senators through this site from  your own email.

Your opinion does matter and our senators work for, and are elected by, us.

Counting emails, phone calls, letters to the editor, comment cards, personal notes, over 2,500 Alaskans have said they support Governor Parnell's efforts to pass HB 110/SB 49. Thank you for your belief that lowering taxes will increase production. We only have 10 days left, so please tell your friends and neighbors about the importance of passage this session, and remind the Alaska State Senate they need to pass HB 110/SB 49.

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