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A Statement from Congressman Young Regarding Budget Deal


Washington, DC - Alaskan Congressman Young released the following statement the evening of April 8:

"We have reached an agreement to fund the federal government through the end of FY2011.  Tonight the House and Senate are passing a short-term bill that prevents a shutdown and also gives us enough time to draft and vote on the largest spending cut in history. After having lived through the '95 and '96 federal government shutdowns, I am glad that we were able to avoid such a scenario this time around.  The repercussions of a shutdown are felt not only by federal employees, but by our military, our small business owners, and across America.  But we should not have had to get to this point.  After days of open debate, this House passed a funding package in February, and then passed two subsequent extensions.  Meanwhile the Senate produced nothing and forced eleventh-hour negotiations.  The purpose of a long term funding bill is to keep the government functioning, but what we have seen is government dysfunction at its best. The American public deserves better."

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