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Seasonal Trail Restrictions: Chena River State Recreation Area


(Fairbanks, AK) – Effective April 20th, 2010, the Compeau, Stiles, and Angel Creek Hillside Trails in Chena River State Recreation Area will be closed to all trail uses except pedestrians.  In an effort to protect the state’s investment in these popular trails and to maintain their sustainability for summer motorized use, it is necessary to allow the trails to thaw and the water to disperse without disturbance.  The trails will re-open on Thursday May 27th in time for Memorial Day weekend.

State Parks is reluctant to restrict any uses unless there are no other viable management alternatives.  In this case, the benefits of protecting the usefulness of these trails outweigh the inconveniences of seasonal restrictions.  We urge trail users to respect the integrity of the trails so others may continue to enjoy them.  Violations may be reported to the State Parks office at 451-2695 or during evenings and weekends, call the State Troopers and they will contact the park enforcement team.

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