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Rep. Millett Opposes Federal Effort to Update ANWR Conservation Plan


(JUNEAU) – Today Anchorage Republican Representative Charisse Millett came out against the federal government’s recent decision to update the conservation plan for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The review could recommend that the U.S. Congress expand wilderness areas within the refuge.

“The Obama administration just opened new areas in Alaska to oil and gas exploration because it was pragmatic and realized the country needs more domestic oil and gas production, said Rep. Millett.  “The Interior Department and members of congress need to remember that the coastal plain has already been thoroughly studied and it has the highest potential for a major oil and gas discovery in the entire country.”

ANWR is estimated to hold up to 11 billion barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas. A wilderness designation means oil and gas development can never occur - even if does not disturb wildlife or harm the environment. Our country must continue to develop new domestic supplies of oil and natural gas.

Public meetings will be held on the conservation plan this spring in six Alaskan communities. Rep. Millett encourages Alaskans who support responsible oil and gas exploration in ANWR to become involved in the public process.

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