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Rally to kick off "No on 1" campaign


WHO: "Stop the Gag Law" coalition and Alaskans concerned about infringements on free speech
WHAT: Campaign kick-off rally in Anchorage
WHEN: Saturday, May 1 from 1-2 p.m.
WHERE: Loussac Library lawn, 36th Ave. and Denali St.

"Stop the Gag Law" coalition organizers and volunteers will hold a campaign kick-off rally to oppose the so-called "anti-corruption" ballot initiative slated for the primary ballot on August 24 of this year.

The public is welcome to participate in the rally or stop by for more information about the initiative and its impacts. The initiative would impose a number of restrictions on Alaskans' ability to donate to political campaigns and seeks to keep public money from being used for any political purpose. However, initiative backers went quite a bit further with the initiative than that. The initiative:

·      Prohibits any Alaskan who has a government contract larger that $500 from making political contributions. The ban also extends to the contract holder's "immediate family," including parents, aunts, uncles, stepchildren and even in-laws.

·      Board members of nonprofits who receive city or state funds - and their immediate families - would be prohibited from contributing to political candidates.

·      Outlaws municipal-funded lobbying, which is how local governments communicate their needs to the legislature in Juneau. This would severely impact rural communities in particular. The initiative would also dismantle groups like Arctic Power and the state of Alaska's office in Washington, D.C., because they are "lobbying" organizations supported by taxpayer funds.

To learn more about the initiative and the Vote No campaign, visit www.stopthegaglaw.com.
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