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Operation Arctic Care 2010 leaves Anchorage; On to Kotzebue


Air Force, Army and Navy personnel - Guard, Reserve and Active-Duty - from
more than 30 states deployed out of Elmendorf Air Force Base to Kotzebue,
Alaska to take part in the largest recurring medical readiness and logistics
training operation, providing real-world humanitarian assistance and medical
care to underserved U.S. citizens in one of the most isolated regions in the
United States.

Wednesday, April 7, the advanced team loaded equipment and pallets of
supplies from all over the country onto a C-17 to prepare for the main body
of personnel to arrive this weekend. (Pictures attached)

Today, 2 Air Force Reserve C-17s from Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama
carried the 144 passengers from Elmendorf to Kotzebue in support of
Operation Arctic Care.

Joint military teams will travel from Kotzebue to 11 remote villages to
provide medical care including dental, optometry, veterinary, pharmacy and
laboratory services, as well as conduct basic health-education classes for
village residents.

Operation Arctic Care will take place from April 10-24.
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