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Mayor Sullivan’s Weekly Media Briefings Now Streaming Live on the Internet


New tool part of effort to reach out electronically

ANCHORAGE- In an effort to allow citizens to see the inner workings of local government, the mayor's weekly media briefings are now streaming live at the Mayor's Page on www.muni.org.

The mayor's weekly briefing is held every Wed. at 1:30 p.m. unless otherwise announced. Typically, it lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.

The administration decided to provide this feature in an effort to reach out to citizens. "There's always a lot going on at City Hall but not everyone can make it to work sessions, commission meetings or media briefings," said the mayor. "This forum will allow people to hear directly from me and city department heads about what their local government is doing to address the issues of budget, energy, public safety and other critically important matters."

The move also is the result of an increasingly electronic world where more people look online for news and information. "The technology already existed to provide this service, so why not allow people to watch what's going on from their desktop or smart phone?," said the mayor.

The live streaming briefings also will allow media who cannot attend the briefings in person to stay current on news coming out of the mayor's office. However, questions will be fielded only from those reporters present.

Members of the municipality's IT department have been testing the function for a few weeks. Previous weeks' briefings will be archived on the Mayor's Page, and a recorded, televised version is available several times throughout the week on Municipal Channel 10.

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