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Legislature Urges Governor to Support In-State Gasline - Ramras' HCR 2


House Concurs in Senate Changes to Ramras’ House Concurrent Resolution 2

Tuesday, April 13, 2010, Juneau, Alaska – The Alaska State House today concurred in Senate changes to House Concurrent Resolution 2, which urges the Parnell Administration to support the development of a stand-alone in-state natural gas pipeline. House Judiciary Committee Chair Jay Ramras, R-Fairbanks, sponsored the resolution, which passed the Senate March 5.

“Over a year has passed since I introduced HCR 2, calling for the previous governor to use the unique resources of the state to facilitate building an in-state gasline,” Ramras said. “Much has changed since then: we have a new governor and in-state gasline project coordinator; much of the worked called for in HCR 2 through HCR 5 has commenced. The new resolution reflects that progress, along with the new dynamics, focusing the issue. Alaskans have spoken repeatedly about the urgency to become energy independent and tap our resources to chip away at the mountain of in-state needs.”

HCR 2-5 were set aside last year after Ramras secured commitments from the Administration to work on in-state development. Ramras says the Senate Committee Substitute for HCR 2 now incorporates asking the Governor’s Office to work towards renewing the ConocoPhilips-Marathon LNG plant’s export license, and matching buyers with sellers to ensure sufficient demand to justify a full 500/mcf per day AGIA-compliant in-state gasline.

HCR 2 will now be engrossed and transmitted to the governor.
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