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Legislature Supports Honor and Remember Flag (r), Passes HJR 53


Monday, March 29, 2010, Juneau, Alaska – The Alaska State Senate today unanimously passed House Joint Resolution 53, relating to designating the Honor and Remember Flag ® as a symbol of national gratitude toward service members who have given their lives serving our nation. The House Special Committee on Military & Veterans’ Affairs sponsored the bill.

HJR 53 is intended to urge Congress, the Alaska Delegation, and the President and Vice President to encourage passage of U.S. House Resolution 1034. It was introduced in the First Session of the 111th Congress to designate the Honor and Remember Flag ® created by Honor & Remember, Inc., to officially recognize and honor fallen members of the United States military

“I’m pleased to see that my colleagues have all stood together to acknowledge America’s fallen military members with a befitting symbol,” said MLV Committee Chair Rep. Carl Gatto, R-Palmer. “They deserve ongoing recognition and honor.” Honor and Remember, Inc., seeks to present a personalized flag to families that have lost a loved one in military service to America. 

“The flag serves to give closure to the thousands of families that deserve recognition for the sacrifice of a lost loved one,” Gatto said, “as well as to remind Americans of the value of each individual life given for our freedom.”

HJR 53 now heads to the governor for signature.
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