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House Majority E-News for April 29, 2010 ANS Crude: $83.97 Henry Hub: $4.24


House and Senate Committee Announcements

Twenty-Sixth Alaska State Legislature - Interim

Published by the Chief Clerk's Office - 465-3725

Americans with Disabilities Act Notice - Persons with disabilities
who require special accommodation or alternative communication formats
to access committee meetings may contact the appropriate committee
office or the Legislative Information Office in their community.
Reasonable advance notice is needed to accommodate the request. For
further information, call the ADA Coordinator at 465-3854
Voice/465-4980 TDD.

* first hearing in first committee of referral

+ teleconferenced

= bill was previously heard/scheduled



Apr 30 Friday Anch Lio Rm 220 3:00 PM

+ RPLs
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