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House Acts to Extend Boating Safety & Education Program - Neuman's HB 294


Neuman’s HB 294 pushes next sunset review back to July 1, 2013

Tuesday, April 13, 2010, Juneau, Alaska – The Alaska State House today unanimously passed House Bill 294, legislation extending the Statewide Boating Safety and Education Program through July 1, 2013. House Resources Committee Co-Chair Mark Neuman, R-Su-Valley, sponsored the bill, which adds two years to the current statute.

“The Statewide Boating Safety and Education Program has saved lives and cut down on boating accidents and fatalities by twenty percent,” Neuman said. “It is a tremendous value to the state and has positive impacts on the lives of Alaskans. Our state offers numerous activities, from power sports to fishing, where this program can benefit users. The value also extends to the treasury, since we can leverage a federal grant with a small outlay.”

HB 294 now heads to the Alaska State Senate for consideration.
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