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GFC Welcomes New Business Partner and Service


GFC Welcomes New Business Partner and Service

GFC Announce New Partner

Kearin Schulte recently become a full partner at Global Food Collaborative, LLC., joining Robin Richardson in the business. Kearin originally helped to start GFC in 2004, a new business model to support businesses along the supply chain of food, beverage and agri-products.

Kearin has a Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies and Business Administration from the University of San Diego, a Masters in Global Supply Chain Management from UAA and 20 years of professional work experience.   Her career has consistently bridged technology and people, such as training and knowledge management for US Department of Defense applications.    Additionally, she has served at executive levels in communications, business development, process improvement and most recently healthcare electronic medical records implementation.

Kearin’s role will principally be to support buyers and supplier members in facilitating business utilizing GFC’s new GFC-Connect.Com service.

GFC-Connect.Com Launches

Global Food Collaborative, LLC, recently launched a new service for commercial buyers and suppliers of food, beverage and agri-products. The on-line system confidentially connects qualified buyers and independent suppliers and their supply chain partners.

Why now and why Global Food Collaborative, LLC.? Kearin Schulte, GFC Principal replies, “We’ve been facilitating business along the supply chain for 10 years and it was a natural progression.”

As the supply chain has become more complex due to issues of food safety, traceability, sustainability and carbon footprint, it has become more challenging for commercial buyers to source with confidence. Simultaneously, independent suppliers are spending precious resources of time and money trying to get in front of exactly the right buyer for their product, company capacity and location. Supply chain solutions of packaging, transport, distribution, certifications, financing are radically changing the way the industry does business.

GFC-Connect.Com offers an immediate, direct and confidential way for buyers, sellers and supply chain partners to connect to do business. GFC-Connect.Com simply reduces costs of time and money for qualified buyers, sellers and supply chain partners to do business in a local and global market.

Global Food Collaborative Website: www.GlobalFoodCollaborative.com

GFC-Connect: http://www.GFC-Connect.Com

About Global Food Collaborative, LLC.

Global Food Collaborative, LLC. (GFC) is a private business facilitation company engaging all aspect of the supply chain of food and food-based products. It supports a membership of food and food-based producers and their supply chain partners with an overall mission to grow a strong and healthy food and food-based industry sector into, out of and through Alaska. GFC produces an on-line newsletter, Collaborative INSIGHTS, which offers a window into Alaska’s food and food-based industry and linkages for Alaska’s food supply chain.
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