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Consumer Alert: Fake Health Care Coverage Scams


(Juneau, AK) – The State’s Division of Insurance Director Linda Hall today urged consumers to be cautious about a new fraud scheme emerging in the wake of the federal health care reform.  Several states have reported that consumers are being approached by individuals trying to sell insurance policies and discount medical plans or cards on behalf of the federal government.  These fake agents are showing up at homes, frequently those of older individuals, yet when questioned will not provide a name or contact information.

“The federal government employees, as well as the rest of us, are sorting out the details of the new law,” Director Hall said, “and unsolicited contact such as this is a scheme to defraud you of your money.”

Alaskan should use caution and common sense when making insurance decisions.  Claims are not getting paid, the plans may be sold through unlicensed individuals and the policies are not approved by the state in which they are being sold.  

“I strongly encourage consumers to check with the Alaska Division of Insurance to be sure the agent or company is licensed to do business in Alaska,” said Hall.  “We always say -  Stop. Call. Confirm.”  If something appears unusual, stop the transaction, call the Alaska Division of Insurance and confirm that an agent or insurance company is licensed to do business in Alaska.”

Contact the Division of Insurance at 907-269-7900 or 1-800-467-8725.
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