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AoTuroaLED Retrofit Kits Replace Fluorescent in Alaska High School


Brighter light at 65 percent less power

SITKA, Alaska, April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- AoTuroaLED USA announced today that a high school in Alaska has begun transitioning from fluorescent lighting to the company's LED retrofit kits that are brighter, as much as 70 percent less power, and longer lifetime.

Power prices in Sitka, Alaska are some of the highest in North America as power generation is from diesel generators. The AoTuroaLED retrofit kits drop into existing fixtures and do not require for the fixtures to be replaced, reducing the cost of implementing AoTuroaLED's advanced LED system. AoTuroaLED uses exclusively patented white LEDs from Nichia of Japan, the world's largest LED company.

"At first I was skeptical because I have seen LED fixtures before that had a ghostly blue light that was harsh on the eyes. These AoTuroaLED retrofit kits produce a wonderful light quality that is extremely pleasant. Previously my classroom used 1,368 watts/hr with fluorescent and it has been reduced to 480 watts/hr with 10 LED AoTuroaLED retrofit kits. This is a savings of 65 percent. The room is brighter and I feel great that I am saving the school money that can now be spent on students," commented Michael Mahoney of Mt. Edgecumbe High School in Sitka, Alaska.

The AoTuroaLED retrofit kit sells for $200 USD and pays for itself in energy savings and maintenance costs in less than 12 months in Alaska.

"Our products are made in New Zealand on the other side of the world from Alaska - this is a pole to pole solution!" commented Dane Cardone, CEO of AoTuroaLED USA.

AoTuroaLED retrofit kits are manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand where energy prices are among the highest in the world.

"We keep hearing about schools around the USA having to cut funding for various programs," said Stephanie Prather, Director and Founder of AoTuroaLED New Zealand. "I guess dramatic power saving solutions makes the world a much smaller place when we can all work together to solve some similar problems around the globe."

The kits are one of the only UL Recognized systems on the world stage ensuring the safety needed for a school application. The LED Retrofit kits have also been tested in compliance with USA Department of Energy LM79 testing which ensures the product meets advertised specifications.

About AoTuroaLED
AoTuroaLED is a manufacturer of white LED lighting systems designed to replace fluorescent lighting. AoTuroaLED or KiwiLED company headquarters are located in Auckland, New Zealand. AoTuroaLED USA is located in Southern California in the city of Signal Hill, CA. Company founder Manuel Lynch is a recognized LED industry veteran with an extensive line of LED products that he developed and positioned for adoption by some of the largest lighting companies in the world.

Source: AoTuroaLED
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