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ASCC Annual Convention and Trade Show - Donations Needed


2010 AlaskaState Chamber of Commerce

Annual Conference and Business Trade Show

Juneau, AK

Westmark Baranof Hotel

Sept 20-22, 2010

Dear State Chamber Members~

RE: We need donations of all sizes and value!

Am I the only one who likes to win prizes? I don't think so! This year in addition to our annual $10,000 raffle, we would like to offer more, but we need your help.

The annual fall conference and business trade show is our biggest fundraiser of the year! The proceeds of the annual raffle allow the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce to continue working on legislation that will benefit your business. We rely on our members to assist in this fundraising event, and if we could get 100% participation, we would be able to do so much more for you!

We, however, understand that not all businesses can contribute monetarily, but if you have anything from coats, baseball caps, dinner certificates, airline miles, vacation rentals you are not going to use this year, cruises, railroad tickets, round trip airline tickets we would be most appreciated.

Our deadline to donate is May 28, 2010. At that time, we will post the list of prizes to be given away during the raffle on Sept 22 at our banquet and awards ceremony.

There are only 300 tickets to be sold. We will begin selling them on June 1st for $100 each. A list of board member names and locations will be posted, and you can track them down for you winning ticket! Other option would be to have your office go in on a ticket!

Today, you can email me at celuska@alaskachamber.com or call me at 907-278-2727 and let me know how you would like to donate. As a donor, and depending on the value of the donation, that will determine the benefit you will be offered. Please call me for details.

Thank you for making the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce the "Voice of Alaska Business."
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