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NANA Regional Corporation Consolidates Leadership Positions, Focuses on Profitability and Efficiency


The NANA Regional Board of Directors has announced the consolidation of the leadership positions for NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. (NRC) and NANA Development Corporation (NDC). Wayne Westlake, President and CEO of NRC will assume oversight of its subsidiary NDC effective immediately.

The move comes as the NANA board and leadership look at areas where efficiencies can be gained and resources can be shared.

“The Board determined it was time to create stronger alignment between NRC and NDC with one leader. With this governance change, we can focus on delivering benefits to our shareholders,” said board chair Linda Lee. “Our business has changed over time, and we have to evolve to stay competitive.  We thank Helvi Sandvik for her many years of service and commitment to NANA.”

Westlake will assume his duties immediately, and will partner closely with Sandvik to ensure a seamless transition. They will work with the board and subsidiary leadership to ensure full continuity of services across the NDC portfolio of companies.

“NANA has been since its inception, and will continue to be, a company that provides the highest levels of service to our clients,” said Westlake. “NANA’s commitment to this effort is absolute, and the efficiencies gained with these strategic changes will benefit all of our business partners.”

He added, “We are an Alaska Native-owned company, and our business success directly impacts our over 14,000 shareholders – that’s our motivation.” 


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