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Doyon, Limited Announces $5.99/Share Dividend


Fairbanks, Alaska – On August 20, 2016, the Doyon, Limited board of directors approved a shareholder dividend in the amount of $5.99 per share, or $599 per 100 shares, during its quarterly meeting in Fairbanks. The dividend will be distributed to shareholders on Tuesday, December 6, 2016.    

“In December, Doyon will distribute its 30th consecutive dividend to its shareholders.” said Doyon President and CEO Aaron Schutt. “We are proud to be able to distribute over $11 million to our 19,500 shareholders, especially in light of Alaska’s economic climate.”   

Doyon’s dividend is based on a five-year average of net income, and this is Doyon’s 30th consecutive year of distributing a dividend. Seventy-five percent of Doyon’s shareholders reside in Alaska which translates to approximately $8.8 million being added to Alaska’s economy.  

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